8 exceptional croissant creations in Calgary and where to get them

Apr 28 2022, 6:26 pm

Everyone loves them and that’s why you can find them basically everywhere, but where can you find the best croissants in Calgary?

Cafes, bakeshops, and even restaurants make these deliciously flaky, buttery baked goods so it can be hard to know where the best ones are.

It can be impossible to tell which ones are made with in-house recipes, or baked fresh that morning until it’s too late and you’re eating a stale croissant.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of fantastic spots to visit and we know where to find them and what kinds to order.

Here are eight Calgary bakeries that bake exceptional croissants.

QQ Mochi Croffle



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All types of hybrid desserts have been a trend for years, and the QQ Mochi Croffle is a combination of three of our favourite treats into one. The croffle is a croissant mixed with a waffle, and here, it’s also stuffed with chewy mochi.

Address: 1224 Centre Street N, Calgary


La Boulangerie Bakery Cafe

So many different flavours

This French-style cafe is immensely popular, and so are the croissants because they’re delicious AND there is a ton of variety. There are roughly 20 options to choose from, like chocolate pistachio, mozzarella sesame, and blueberry vanilla, to name a few.

Address: 2435 4th Street SW, Calgary


Yann Haute Patisserie

Almond Croissant Cake

This specialty bakery has quite a few classic buttery croissants to choose from, but right now there is also a realistic cake that looked exactly like an almond croissant.

Address: 329 23rd Avenue SW, Calgary


Manuel Latruwe

Almond Croissant


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All of theĀ croissants here are baked fresh every morning using premium ingredients, and with a few different flavours to choose from, we suggest the classic almond.

Address: 1333 1st Street SE, Calgary


Black Sheep

Laminated Croissants

These one-of-a-kind laminated croissants taste as good as they look, baked with ribbons of bright colour that come in many different feature flavours.



Sucre Patisserie & Cafe

Earl Grey White Chocolate Croissant

Like a tasty dipped ice cream cone, this croissant is half classic and half-dipped into an amazing Earl Grey white chocolate.

Address: 1007 8th Street SW, Calgary


Butter Block

Pandan Coconut


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Pandan and coconut go beautifully together and this is one of the few spots you can find the delicious duo packed into a croissant. It’s the best-selling item of the year so far.

Address: 908 17th Avenue SW suite 111, Calgary



Smoked Salmon Bennies


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This newly opened breakfast spot in Calgary changes up its eggs Benedict by using croissants for the base, and even though they all look amazing, we have to recommend the smoked salmon version with fried capers, basil pesto, and hollandaise.

Address: 609 14th Street NW, Calgary


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