Bring your eh game: Wordle gets a Canadian twist in this spin-off

Mar 4 2022, 4:39 pm

There’s a new Wordle spin-off in town — put your thinking toque on because this time, it’s very Canadian.

Ottawa resident Mark Rogers took it upon himself to create Canuckle, a Canada-themed version of the popular word game.

I’ve been caught up in the #Wordle craze like everyone else, and I was inspired to build a version of the game with only Canadian themed words!” tweeted Rogers in February.

Since its creation on February 10, the game has been played by over two million people.

For the uninitiated, click here for the basic rules of the game. Canuckle operates just like Wordle does, except red squares are used to indicate the correct letter in the correct spot instead of green.

Canuckle 23 4/6


Rogers has added an educational component to the game, too. He made a Twitter account for the game that provides fun facts and resources about each day’s results. For example, Canuckle #3 was “Inuit,” so he tweeted a brief explanation of the word and recommended accounts for people to check out.

Canuckle #6 was “hoser,” and so, Rogers provided the backstory behind the slang term.

“The term “hoser,” a slang word for a Canadian of limited intelligence, entered the popular lexicon in the early 1980s, when it was popularized by @Rick_Moranis53 and @TheDaveThomas on the TV show @SecondCityTV as fictional brothers Bob and Doug McKenzie,” tweeted Rogers.

Other answers include classic Canadianisms like sorry, syrup, maple, and plaid.

So far, the game has caught one Canadian celebrity’s attention. Canadian singer-songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk got a good chuckle from the game.

A Juno Award-winning singer-songwriter and Member of the Order of Canada has officially joined the #CanuckleCrew!” Rogers wrote in a retweet. 

Now, Rogers is trying to grab the attention of other major Canadian names, such as Ryan Reynolds, Dan Levy, Jann Arden, and Michael Bublé.

The final Canuckle is planned for Canada Day, so you better bring your eh game!

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