Pump pain: Vancouver gas prices blow past $2/L again

Apr 18 2022, 4:50 pm

Over the Easter long weekend, gas prices in Metro Vancouver were observed hovering around $2 per litre again.

In Vancouver, the cost of gas is higher on Monday, April 18 than it’s been for the past month.

On March 6, we saw astronomically high gas prices advertised at $2.099 cents per litre at some stations. Then, prices cooled down, dropping to an “affordable” $1.900 per litre before they climbed rapidly, starting on April 13.

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That said, the price fluctuations in Vancouver over the last month closely mirror those seen across Canada.

gas prices

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Twitter users quickly pointed out that the $2 per litre price tag on gas was unusual and exorbitant.

While the province did issue a rebate for drivers, providing $110 through a one-time relief cheque, many were critical of the move and said it wasn’t nearly enough amidst an affordability crisis.

Vancouver gas prices have been rising rapidly in the last six months. You might remember that in December 2021, gas prices were around $1.530 per litre on average. Then, they jumped to $1.700 per litre on average after BC scrapped its provincial gas restriction order.

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