You can fly from Vancouver to Montreal for $59 this fall

Mar 9 2022, 6:01 pm

Many Canadians have been stuck in their cities since the pandemic started, and despite its upsides, staying home can get a little boring.

A new Vancouver flight deal from discount carrier Flair Airlines means locals are one step closer to escaping the familiar for CAD $59 one way.

There aren’t many cheap tickets left, and they’ll only work for people whose days off are flexible, so act fast if you’re planning a trip on a budget.

As one of the least-stereotypically Canadian cities in Canada, Quebec’s Montreal is a fantastic option for any West Coasters itching for a little bit of culture shock.

It offers a little taste of the European lifestyle and architecture we’re lucky enough to admire without crossing a border.

Visit in the fall or early winter for a better price and fewer crowds. Sometime in October or November is probably best, though it’ll be cold in Montreal, so pack accordingly.

That means lots of big jackets, water-proof clothing, layers, hats, and mittens. Bring non-slip, snow-proof boots too or you’ll probably have to buy them while you’re there.

For a Vancouver flight deal on the afternoon of Halloween, or several dates in November, book a ticket to Montreal for $59 one way and the same price back. With taxes and fees, the total for a round-trip comes to about $120.

It’s incredibly tempting, and the tickets won’t last long, so act fast to make it to Montreal before 2023.

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