This is the new brand and logo of Tourism Vancouver (VIDEO)

Jun 26 2018, 4:20 am

The face of Vancouver’s tourism outreach has given its brand and identity a complete overhaul, and that includes a new logo. It is one of the first and most significant impressions tourists have when they are planning a trip to Vancouver.

Last week, Tourism Vancouver unveiled its new Vancouver Destination Brand, which focuses around a new simple word-based logo that reads “VANCOUVER” with compass symbols above and below the middle letter “O”. This new logo can also be stacked for flexible, creative usages.

Tourism Vancouver

Tourism Vancouver’s new logo. (Tourism Vancouver)

Tourism Vancouver

Tourism Vancouver’s new logo. (Tourism Vancouver)

“Vancouver’s destination brand is about perspectives. Vancouver is a multi-dimensional, ever-evolving destination that reflects and celebrates diverse viewpoints and variety in nature, culture, food and activity,” reads the description on the new visual identity.

“Vancouver welcomes all and encourages visitors to see the beauty in everything. The compass motif represents letting go and allowing the city to guide you. It represents exploration. Exploring the beauty in everything that surrounds you, as well as the beauty within yourself.”

The tourism bureau’s colour scheme has also changed, with turquoise and chartreuse (a blend of yellow and green) becoming the brand’s primary colours. Alternative colours charcoal grey, light blue, black, and dark orange.

A new tourism video that heavily showcases Vancouver’s natural scenery and recreational-based activities has accompanied the launch of the new brand and logo.

With the introduction of the new logo, the previous logo – dating back before the 2010 Olympics – featuring the text “Tourism Vancouver” and the emblem of two exclamation marks, with both marks sharing the same dot, is no longer in use. The old colours, which mainly revolved around fuschia, baby blue, and light green, are also now gone.

The bureau is urging businesses and organizations to replace the old watermark on their website, brochures, and collateral with the new logo.

Tourism Vancouver

Old Tourism Vancouver logo that will no longer be used. (Tourism Vancouver)

But Tourism Vancouver says the new logo, designed by global marketing agencies MMGY and McCann Canada, should not be confused for other types of city branding. It is also not a logo designed specifically for locals.

“It’s our destination’s competitive identity, values and voice. It’s what differentiates us from cities around the world. It’s our promise of a unique kind of travel experience,” continues the description.

“A destination brand is separate from other types of city brands, such as a municipal brand (which is geared towards locals) or an economic development city brand (which is geared towards investors).”

During the design process, which occurred over the span of more than a year, 150 representatives from Vancouver industry, community organizations, media, government, brands, arts, sports teams, and First Nations were interviewed. Focus groups were also held in three North American cities, and online surveys were completed by 1,800 residents in Metro Vancouver and 3,200 international customers.

As for the municipal brand, the City of Vancouver cancelled the planned process to create a new logo and brand in January. This followed last year’s overwhelming public criticism over a new $8,000 design, with critics calling out the design for its uninspiring simplicity and unoriginality, given that it is nearly identical to the City of Chilliwack’s logo.

The new City of Vancouver wordmark set against a background of Vancouver City Hall (Daily Hive composite/City of Vancouver)

The cancelled new City of Vancouver logo. (City of Vancouver / Daily Hive composite)

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