SOLD!: Meet the new owners of The Shameful Tiki Room

Apr 10 2023, 10:48 pm

It’s nearly time to pass the tiki torch, as The Shameful Tiki Room owner, Rod Moore, has officially sold the Main Street hot spot.

Back in February, Moore told Dished he was ready to step back from the Vancouver business and its sister location in Toronto.

“The goal is to pretty much back away from everything one piece at a time,” Moore told us, who added he was aiming to “totally reboot.”

“It’s gotten to be too much, I just have too many balls in the air, and it’s starting to drive me nuts.”

Even though Moore was looking to wind down, he wanted the concept to keep on keeping on exactly how it is, just under new ownership.

“The agreement I’m trying to work out is someone who wants to take it over because they like what it is.”

Fast forward to today, and it has been announced that the Tribe Called Zest Hospitality Group (TCZH) is now the proud owner of the tropical room serving Polynesian-inspired food and out-of-this-world drinks.

The group was established in 2019 and also operates El Segundo in Sechelt, BC, and The Shed at The Bricker Cider Co in West Sechelt, BC.

A Tribe Called Zest Hospitality Group

A Tribe Called Zest Hospitality Group

The Shameful Tiki Room will officially change hands on May 1, 2023.

The business shares that despite Moore moving on, “the continuity of The Shameful Tiki will be ensured ” as one of the directors of TCZH, Jason Laidlaw, has worked at the Vancouver staple for several years in different roles.

“After ten years of owning and overseeing one of my greatest passion projects, I am so happy to see The Shameful Tiki Room going to the most perfect new ownership group,” says Moore.

“Jason has been by my side at Tiki for seven years already, so to have his experience and dedication alongside his partners Scarlet and Heidi truly means the location will maintain the historical authenticity that I strove so hard to create. I look forward both to their new success and my opportunity to forge new paths. So many thanks to everyone over the last ten years. Onward and upwards, they say!”

You can rest assured that The Shameful Tiki Room, which just celebrated a decade of business, will stay true to its roots despite its changing hands.

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