Someone "summoned" their Tesla and it drove itself right into a jet worth millions (VIDEO)

Apr 22 2022, 8:39 pm

Footage has emerged showing a Tesla elegantly driving itself on the tarmac and bumping straight into a what appears to be a million-dollar jet.

On Friday Redditor u/smiteme posted the video clip titled “Someone just crashed into a Vision Jet!!!” to the r/flying subreddit.

Comments began rolling in almost immediately, with people curious about what the heck exactly happened and where.

“I was at a Cirrus event and someone tried to summon their Tesla past a $3,500,000 Vision jet. Ooph…” replied the poster.

Now the video is spreading on social media like wildfire.

Cirrus Aircraft is a personal aviation company, which means it sells private jets to those who can afford to pay millions of dollars simply to avoid travelling with the rest of us peasants.

Allegedly — and in an incredibly bold move — a driver turned on his Tesla Model Y’s “Smart Summon” function on the tarmac.

According to Tesla, “Smart Summon” is a mobile app feature that allows you to move your Tesla to your location using your phone’s GPS as the target destination, or to a location of your choice by “manoeuvring around and stopping for objects as necessary.”

Well, we’re no longer sure about that last part, since this bad boy bumped straight into a pretty huge jet. Commenters on the Reddit thread have been discussing whether insurance will cover anything at all, since the accident occurred between an aircraft and a vehicle.

The accident only bulks up a growing list of weird incidents involving Tesla owners.

Last month, a man totalled his Tesla Model S after driving it nearly 50 feet into the air as part of a stunt. Also in March, someone drove their Tesla through a shop’s window in Scarborough, Ontario.

Last year, a person was seen sleeping like a baby in the driver’s seat of their Tesla as it drove through Metro Vancouver. The car apparently has a feature that stops it in its tracks if the driver loses consciousness.

But maybe don’t fully trust robots 100% of the time…? Just a thought.

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