This hidden outdoor spa in North Van is the perfect wellness oasis

Jul 27 2022, 6:47 pm

This hidden, newly-opened North Van spa is the perfect place to unplug and recharge.

Tality Spa has been buzzing on the ‘gram thanks to its serene outdoor space that includes an outdoor sauna and ice bath, along with a cozy lounge area.

You can either start with sweating it out or diving right into a metal ice cold tub, reminiscent of a hipster cowboy tub for a rustic feel (Google it).

And have no fear if the water is too cold: they offer another tub that ranges from 10°C – 15°C for a more mellow experience that’s still cool.

The regular ones are an icy 8° C, occasionally fluctuating just slightly below — so be prepared.

The Scandinavian wood-fired cedar sauna is the center piece of the experience. Prior to stepping in, pour your own water (with some essential oils if desired) over the rocks to create “löyly” — which is a Finnish word referring to the sauna steam.

A shower is a mandatory step between the sauna and cold tubs. Tality’s stunning outdoor version isn’t just cool to look at, but it also prepares your body for the intense transition.

Housed in an industrial location, this stylish wellness experience is a beautiful spot for photos or reels, which plenty of visitors have been sharing to social media.

After indulging in hot-cold therapy, visitors can grab a gray robe and make their way over to the relaxing lounge to enjoy Tality’s very-own housemade kombucha (try the raspberry sage). As kombucha is a diuretic, visitors are encouraged to also drink 1L of water per cycle.

Tality was born out of founder Peter Chen’s passion for the wellness experience, and for routine.

“Hot-cold therapy is one of the few things that truly makes me feel at peace,” Peter wrote on the website.

“I was frustrated by the lack of good sauna and cold tub infrastructure in Vancouver. I was looking for a functional facility that could provide a properly hot sauna and ice-cold tubs, that I could use routinely,” he added. “So, I set out to build the Tality Spa. I wanted it to be functional and built around the community,” the 26-year-old CEO explained.” As a small business owner and self proclaimed recreational athlete, I needed this. I needed a place to decompress, unwind, connect with others, and heal. Not just once a year, but every week. I believe that to be your best self, you have to prioritize your rest and recovery.”

Tality officially opened in mid-June, and is open for bookings 7 days a week.

If the Tality name seems familiar, it’s likely due to the kombucha, which founder Peter Chen has been brewing since the summer of 2017 when living in Whistler. The UBC grad later moved production to North Vancouver, and has since become the first Canadian B-Corp kombucha company, as well as a 1% for the planet member.

B-Corp certification means Tality Kombucha meets the highest standards for social and environmental performance, which has been verified through a rigorous certification process.

If the bubbly fermented concoction isn’t for you, Tality also offers their own in-house tea blends in unlimited quantities. The Chinese tea ‘Energy’ blend includes performance botanicals for those looking for a little boost. For those looking to unwind, the jasmine dragon pearl based ‘Calming’ blend is also on the menu.

Visitors to Tality can choose to do private session ($280) or tw0-hour guided sessions($55) based on what best suits their needs. Community sessions — which means shared access with other guests — is also available for $35.

Towels, robes and flip-flops are provided for all guests.

Online booking is available here. Tality Spa is located at 1481 Dominion St in North Vancouver.

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