Supply chain issues slowly ease for parts of BC hit by devastating flooding

Nov 24 2021, 10:59 pm

There is some positive news for hard-hit parts of BC that have been dealing with devastating flooding, gas and food shortages, and supply crunch issues.

Goods are starting to slowly move through the province. Routes are opening back up, and supply shortages are starting to ease.

According to Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth, crews are working around the clock to make repairs to the Sumas Prairie before the next weather event.

While the region isn’t out of the woods yet, there are finally some signs of progress.


“Although there is still a lot of work to be done, exceptional people are doing it,” said Farnworth during a briefing on Wednesday. This includes first responders, construction crews, volunteers, and soldiers who are working to keep people safe and give communities some much-needed support.

Roads and railways are also beginning to open and move goods, and Farnworth noted that supply lines are stabilizing.

He also praised British Columbians for doing their part by only taking what they need after implementing a gas rationing system in the province.

“I know British Columbians will continue to rise to these challenges.”

Farnworth said the rationing system has allowed supply to remain steady.

Supply routes

Highway 1 between Abbotsford and Chilliwack is projected to reopen on Thursday. Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Rob Fleming also suggested that things were moving faster on Wednesday morning than they were on Tuesday during the same period of time. CP Rail also restarted its operations last night, and CN Rail is expected to have its trains operational on Thursday.

CP operations between Kamloops and Vancouver resumed Tuesday, with the first trains going to Vancouver arriving on Wednesday morning, including grain and fuel trains.

“Travel is still taking longer than usual, but these short-term restrictions are helping us get essential goods and services out of the Lower Mainland to communities around BC,” Fleming said.

Donations for flood relief are also flowing into the Canadian Red Cross, with residents across the province helping to keep things like food banks and liquor stores stocked.

More wet weather is on the way

Residents should remain vigilant with more wet weather anticipated over the coming week. There is a long road ahead when it comes to building back many parts of the province that saw major infrastructure and land damage.

More atmospheric rivers are expected to hit the province. Farnworth said there have been a dozen of these atmospheric rivers since September.

The next storm system is forecast for parts of BC on Wednesday night.

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