Thief teeters on bench to steal Langley restaurant's disco ball (VIDEO)

May 18 2023, 6:10 pm

A “disco thief” made off with a disco ball from a Langley restaurant, and footage of the incident was shared on social media.

Why someone would want to steal a disco ball at almost 3 am is anyone’s guess.

“We are just happy he didn’t break his neck,” read the video caption.


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People had some fun in the comments section, with one person saying, “He didn’t choose the disco life, it chose him šŸŖ©.

Another person said, “Just a little midnight home decor stroll šŸ«£.

We connected with Angela Ruscheinski, the brand and creative director for Haven, about the incident. Ruscheinski said the stolen disco ball was added as part of a patio renovation that Haven undertook in 2022.

“The sparkling spinning lights at our entrance kick off the celebratory atmosphere,” said Ruscheinski.

Thankfully, another one of the same kind is on the way, but Ruscheinski says they’ll probably stick an air tag in it this time.

Ruscheinski notes, as you can see in the video, that the thief couldn’t quite reach the disco ball from the fireplace.

“So he removed a bench from our waiting area and teeter-tottered it on top to get what he was after.”

In the video, the presumed thief walks away with the disco ball and a hanging basket.

“From what we can tell, the disco thief arrived with the hanging basket!”

This isn’t the first time Haven has had an interesting item taken. Someone once made off with a bunny butt. Yes, a bunny butt.


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For anyone looking to visit Haven, it’s a proudly independent and family-owned establishment.

They serve modern casual dining “with a global, adventurous approach by celebrity chef Spencer Watts.”

Haven is located in the heart of Langley, and Ruscheinski says it’s known for its famous Corkscrew Pickle, Tofu Bao Buns and Tourist Cocktail.

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