Where to find Korean-style corn dogs in and around Vancouver

Jan 23 2023, 7:35 pm

The Korean corn dog is everything fun food should be — savoury, sugary, kooky, crunchy, cheesy, drizzled, and delicious. And it’s also a snack on a stick.

There are no downsides.

The Korean take on the traditional corn dog started in the night markets and street stands of Seoul during the 1980s. There are so many variations now that a simple description is tough.

Basically, the Korean corn dog is a hot dog (and often) cheese stick coated in rice flour batter, rolled in crunchy toppings, sprinkled with sugar, and deep fried.

It’s an amusement park corn dog imagined through a funhouse mirror.

Adventurous additions range from cornflakes and Cheetos powder to squid ink and ramen noodles. Whatever you choose, it’s a salty-sweet taste explosion you need to try at least once.

Here’s where you can find Korean-style corn dogs in Vancouver.

Chung Chun Rice Dog

With over 200 locations worldwide, Chung Chun is proof the Korean corn dog is a hot item.

Three locations in the Lower Mainland serve the signature dogs, which have the main distinction from a regular corn dog: no corn. That’s right, Korean-style corn dogs toss out the cornmeal for rice flour, giving each bite a crunchy and chewy texture.

Choose from the volcano pork and chicken, ramen chip, sweet potato, squid ink and cheese, chocolate, and more. The real fun is getting lost in the selection of sauces. Top your dog off with the likes of honey butter, wasabi mayo, sweet chili, teriyaki, garlic butter, parmesan, BBQ, cheddar, cinnamon sugar, or icing sugar.

Address: 1796 Robson Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-423-5529

Address: 4428 Beresford Street, Burnaby
Phone: 604-566-2216

Address: 6020 No. 3 Road, Richmond
Phone: 604-232-4688


Ssong’s Hotdog

Last year, the popular Korean corn dog chain opened its first-ever Canadian location on Jervis Street and has plans for more locations in the Lower Mainland. Ssong’s is a ridiculously cute place that also offers Korean fried chicken, topokki (simmered rice cakes), and fried potato tornadoes.

But the star here is found on a stick. Ssong’s corn dogs are the real deal — from the simple pork sausage dogs to the creative cheese combos (cream, mozzarella, cheddar), to concoctions like the seaweed noodle dog and the crab stick dog.

Address: 795 Jervis Street, Vancouver
Phone: 778-917-9595




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Tucked away in Coquitlam’s Henderson Place Mall, Tokki serves up hot Korean corn dogs, hand-dipped and deep-fried. Their popular “Cheesy Monster’s Bat” is a steal for $4.95 with sausage and string cheese inside a crisp batter rolled in potato hash browns.

It’s the perfect mix of crunchy and chewy.

Address: Henderson Place Mall – 1163 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam
Phone: 604-552-0036

Arirang Hotdog & Croquette

In the same Coquitlam mall (yes, two corn dog counters in one place!) you’ll find the popular Korean franchise, Arirang Hotdog & Croquette. With over 500 locations around the world, Arirang is no slouch when it comes to corn dogs.

Here, you can construct your own corn dog, choosing the original batter, the potato batter or… get this — the poutine dog filled with fries and gravy. Dessert dogs such as the Oreo and churro are made for any sweet tooth.

Address: Henderson Place Mall – 1163 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam


Dog Eat Corndog (Food Truck)


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Often found feeding hungry commuters at the Joyce Skytrain station or parked outside the Trout Lake Community Centre, Dog Eat Corndog is your Korean fix on wheels.

Regular, chicken, bacon, and jalapeno-cheddar smokies are battered and fried to order. The compact trailer opens up to reveal a counter full of sauces to top your dog for the final touch.

Address: Various mobile locations
Phone: 236-777-5848


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