Don't Look Inside: Full gutted house for rent in Vancouver (PHOTOS)

Mar 8 2022, 10:04 pm

It’s easy to find strange listings on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace when looking for a place to rent, but this gutted house in Vancouver might take the cake.

For $2,800 per month, this 2,500–3,000 sq ft house that was previously under renovation is now up for grabs.

The listing states that the house is “not really suitable for occupancy.”

It features two full floors and a “semi-functional” washroom, and it could be available for a minimum one-year lease. While the listing doesn’t contain a specific address, the map on Craigslist suggests it’s somewhere near 1st Avenue and Hastings Street by Boundary Road.

The person who listed this property on Craigslist says they want to rent the home to good people to use as a studio, “art place,” or “whatever you need” until they decide the next steps.

Miraculously, the listing suggests that there have been hundreds of emails in response to the ad, claiming that most offers were in the $2,000 to $3,000 range.

Vancouver craigslist

On the surface, it doesn’t look too bad. Upon closer inspection, thanks to the pictures included in the Craigslist post, it seems likely that this property is not only unsafe to live in but also to spend any amount of time in.

Vancouver craigslist

Portions of the home look like they’re falling apart. For example, in the picture above, you’ll notice that the bottom steps of the stairs leading to the rear entrance of the home are made from two cinder blocks, with only one presumably functional railing.

Vancouver craigslist

For interior decorations, the house features exposed wires and unfinished walls.

Thankfully, there’s no electricity.

The good news is that the person who listed this property suggests they could “set up some temporary electricity” for the lucky renter.

Semi-functional bathroom (Vancouver craigslist)

The bathroom looks like it was last used by someone from the Blue Man Group, or a fake Smurf. We’re not sure which aspect of the bathroom is semi-functional, as the ad suggests.

Vancouver craigslist

Daily Hive Urbanized reached out to the City of Vancouver, and they seemed unimpressed by this listing.

“Based on the photos in the Craigslist post, this house is not safe to occupy and people would be putting themselves in danger by trying to live there. The City is aware of this location, and if the house is in the condition shown in the photos the City will post an ‘Unsafe to Occupy’ order on the property,” a statement from the City reads.

“The owner will then have to complete the work needed to make it comply with the City’s bylaws and ensure it is safe to occupy.”

The good news is that the property allows dogs and pets, which isn’t the case for many rental units across the city.

Daily Hive Urbanized has reached out to the person who posted the house for rent on Vancouver’s Craigslist, but they haven’t responded.

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