Flying ants are back in Vancouver and residents are freaking out

Jul 6 2018, 2:56 am

While they may be a sign of the season, they are a hugely unwelcome sign nonetheless.

This week, residents throughout Metro Vancouver have been dealing with visits from one of Mother Nature’s weirdest pests: flying ants.

And on Wednesday, the situation was particularly creepy.

On Reddit, people asked if it was officially  “Flying Ant Day” in Vancouver and judging by the comments, it might have been.

“Swarms” of flying ants were reported in various locations throughout the city, including near 41st Avenue and Victoria Drive, West Broadway in Kitsilano, Queen Elizabeth Park, and SE Marine Drive. Flying ants were even reported in places like Burnaby.

Others expressed their experience/observation/terror of the situation on Twitter.

According to those in the know, Vancouver’s unofficial, official ant day in the city is the height of the ant mating season.

Danielle Hoefele, a Masters of Pest Management student at SFU, tweeted that it’s the day “when winged queens and winged males fly, mate, and find new nest locations. Good day to be an ant, great day to be an ant-eating bird.”

She added that while flying ants can be a disturbing experience, residents needn’t worry too much.

“These are not fire ants. They are Lasius [species] which are harmless.”

Oh. Well, that’s a relief.

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