Experience what it's like in a helicopter during the Celebration of Light (VIDEO)

Aug 18 2017, 4:27 am

Throw all the lists away: This is officially the best seat in Vancouver to watch the Celebration of Light fireworks.

Bradley Friesen, a commercial helicopter pilot and YouTuber, put together a 10 minute long video of Canada’s Celebration of Light performance from basically every angle you could imagine.

As Friesen and his passengers take off to catch the display downtown, viewers feel like they’re right along for the ride as they’re connected straight into Friesen’s audio transmissions.

Throw in some relaxing music, hilarious banter, and the constant thrum of the helicopter’s blades to go along with the colourful explosions and it all becomes a surreal experience.

Do yourself a favour—spend some time today taking in the beauty of the fireworks, the boats on the water, and just how bright this glorious city shines at night.

Note: Don’t confuse this high-definition helicopter video for another video someone else took.

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