8 places to get an espresso martini in Vancouver

Jul 4 2022, 5:51 pm

The espresso martini is unequivocally having a moment right now.

It makes sense that the storied 90s cocktail is back in fashion right now, as nearly everything that was once cool in the 90s is cool once again. From fashion to soda pop to sitcom reboots, the nostalgia for the 90s is strong.

The espresso martini originally made a splash last summer when the pandemic spurred on a renewed interest in canned cocktails, at-home kits, and nostalgic drinking trends, but its appearance on cocktail lists everywhere has not waned.

While its origin story is somewhat debated (it’s invention is commonly attributed to bartender Dick Bradsell, who worked as a bar in London in the 1980s), its delicious factor is widely accepted.

Technically not a true martini as it doesn’t contain either gin or vermouth, the drink is a chilled, caffeinated cocktail that combines espresso, coffee liqueur, and vodka.

We love a cocktail that can both wake us up and mess us up, so here are the best spots in Vancouver to grab an espresso martini.

Sopra Sotto Pizzeria


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This Italian eatery has two locations, one in Vancouver and one in Burnaby, and both frequently have espresso martini specials on throughout the week.

Address: 1510 Commercial Dr, Vancouver
Phone: 604-251-7586

Address: 4022 Hastings St, Burnaby
Phone: 604-423-3310


Uva Wine & Cocktail Bar

It totally makes sense that this “cocktail bar by night, caffè bar by day” would make a killer espresso martini – Uva does both coffee and booze, after all. This spot also does an espresso martini flight featuring three different types: cherry, vanilla, and chocolate.

Address: 900 Seymour St, Vancouver
Phone: 604-632-9560


Livia Forno e Vino


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This cozy little Italian spot on Commercial Drive has fantastic brunch, a pastry to-go window, a negroni bar, and, yes, a really good espresso martini. Its Livia Fig & Hazelnut Espresso Martini ups the ante with a Livia blend of Agro Roasters’ espresso, house-infused fig brandy, frangelico, and cynar.

Address: 1399 Commercial Dr, Vancouver
Phone: 604-423-3869


Maxine’s Cafe & Bar

This charming downtown spot is inspired by Europe’s street cafes and NYC’s SoHo spots that combine daytime cafe culture with nighttime imbibing. Its espresso martini is a classic, with Absolut vodka, Kahlua, and espresso.

Address: 1325 Burrard St, Vancouver
Phone: 604-707-7224


Palate Kitchen


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The spot to go for brunch and lunch, this stylish spot is housed in a historical building near the waterfront, which only adds to its charm. In addition to a mimosa bar, Palate serves a signature espresso martini with espresso from Pallet (a local coffee roaster with a similar name), vanilla liqueur, coffee liqueur, and vodka.

Address: 848 West Hastings Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-428-1313




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Go to Bartholomew and order the Sparrow’s Tini, the bar’s decadent take on an espresso martini featuring Flor de Cana Rum, Frangelico, Licor 43, cold brew, pineapple, and star anise bitters⁠.

Address: 1026 Mainland Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-423-4131


The Boxcar

This chill hole-in-the-wall spot beside the former Cobalt serves some incredible cocktails, an espresso martini among them. Their rendition involves vodka, Cynar, Kahlua, vanilla, and House of Funk cold brew.

Address: 923 Main Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-398-4010


Kevin & Kevin

Kevin & Kevin espresso martini (Kevin & Kevin)

Juice bar and cafe by day, cocktail bar by night, Kevin & Kevin is a cool concept spot in Chinatown. Its espresso martini is served in a vintage glass and is definitely one of the best in the city.

Address: 488 Gore Avenue, Vancouver
Phone: 604-558-4305


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