Chinatown's "Noodle Pull" guide shows off neighbourhood's best noods

Sep 8 2021, 8:02 pm

Ahead of Light Up Chinatown over the weekend on September 11 and 12,Ā a partnership between theĀ Chinese Restaurant Awards and the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation is revealing a few choice picks for noodles in the neighbourhood.

The full Criticsā€™ Choice ā€œTaste of Chinatownā€ list will be available once the festival starts, and it will be full of over 25 choice picks from the three judges Lee Man, Brendon Mathews, and Alexandra Gill.

But a sneak peek revealed a few of Lee Man’s picks and an exclusive “Noodle Pull” guide.

The first pick is the Hot and Sour Noodles from Fat Mao Noodles.

“The Hot and Sour Pork soup has a sophisticated balance of sharpness, heat, and savoury notes – best paired with clear rice sheet noodles for maximum buoyancy and chew,” reads the Instagram post.

Next up, the Singapore Fried Noodles fromĀ Ming Fong Fast Food inside the Chinatown Plaza.

“The noodles are cooked to order, a huge portion laced with bean sprouts, red and green peppers, and slivers of BBQ pork, gently spiced with yellow curry and full of fresh wok hei.”

The final pick in the sneak peek is perfect for lovers of Vietnamese food. TheĀ Bun Cha Ha Noi fromĀ DD Mau Chinatown could be the best in Vancouver. “The meat patties have proper char-grilled depth, the pork is rich and tender, and the fish sauce broth is bright and clean, served with a huge tangle of warm rice vermicelli noodles.”

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