BC is so cold that hot water freezes instantly in the air (VIDEOS)

Dec 28 2021, 7:58 pm

We’ve seen the videos coming out of Alberta before that show dazzling displays of hot water fluffing instantly out into powdery ice when it meets the cold air, but did you realize that it’s cold enough in BC to try it for yourself?

As arctic outflow and extreme cold warnings grip the province, some parts of BC are experiencing wind chill values of up to -40Ā°C.

Even in usually mild Vancouver, the cold wind makes it feel like it’s -12Ā°C during the day.

Twitter users endeavored to show just how cold BC was by posting videos of hot water being tossed into the freezing air.

What happens when hot water meets cold air?

The Mpemba effect, as it’s called, is when you can watch hot water freeze instantly ā€“ faster than cold water would under the same conditions.

Do not try this at home without extreme caution, as the last thing you want is to dump boiling hot water on yourself.

This week, Western Canada is under weather warnings from Environment Canada warning of extremely cold temperatures, stretching from coastal BC to Manitoba.

cold Alberta

Environment Canada

Come Wednesday, December 29, the cold is expected to ease up a bit. Still, Vancouver will remain below freezing for the rest of the year until at least Saturday, January 1.

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