The good, the bad and the ugly: 14 April Fools' jokes from across Canada

Apr 2 2018, 7:48 pm

Jokesters got their prank on this Sunday for April Fools’ Day from coast to coast, marking the occasion with some pretty elaborate announcements.

In case you were too busy eating your weight in Mini Eggs, we’ve curated a list of the best pranks from across Canada.

Apologies in advance, none of these are real.

The Chalet Sauce fountain

Swiss Chalet Sauce has cult status in Canada, so serving it by the fountain seems almost plausible. A steady stream of Chalet sauce seems like the perfect way to apply the Swiss Chalet’s signature gravy to chicken.

Frunch at New York Fries

Brunch favourites built on top of piles of French fries? YUM! Sadly, this one-day-only promotion coincided with Easter Sunday, which coincidentally meant most New York Fries locations were closed.

Fusion Blends from Foodora

Cheeseburgers, avocado toast, and chocolate cake blended! Canada-wide delivery app Foodora delivered this quirky concept for April Fool’s Day. While it still sounds better than soylent the idea is so unappetizing we’re relieved it isn’t real.

The Chocolate Whopper from Burger King

Flamed grilled chocolate patty, raspberry syrup, candied blood oranges, and white chocolate rings? Somebody send this to Babish and make it happen.

Personal Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza/Facebook

Considering this technology can’t be too far behind, this big brand really should brush up on their photoshop skills.

Slurpees will now only come in one colour

Slurpee Canada announced its plans to immediately discontinue all colours but one for the entire month of April.

Purdy’s Chocolatier is heading to Mars

Chocolate in space? The iconic Canadian chocolate manufacturer revealed it’s opening its first location outside of Canada and is now hiring for its new Mars location.

Dairyland Sparkling Milk

Canadian milk manufacturer Dairyland announces its plans for carbonated milk. Just no.

Manitoba’s RCMP made serious advancement in handcuff technology

If you happen to be left-handed and arrested in Manitoba, you’re in luck as local RCMP became the first police force in North America to put newly designed left-handed handcuffs into service.

Hamilton Police Hospital Visits

We don’t know what’s worse, this poor Photoshop job, or the thought of horses making bedside visits to hospital patients.

Moosenado from Environment Canada

Canada’s trusted weather source warned Twitter followers of a rare weather phenomenon that caused locale moose to become airborne by tornadoes across the country.

Canadian Armed Forces newest technology: invisibility 

The Canadian Armed Forces revealed its latest technology: the Fully Operative Obstructive Light-Refraction System (F.O.O.L.S.), which makes military vehicles, equipment, and even CAF members completely invisible to the naked eye.

 Zombie apocalypse in Ottawa

It appears the zombie vaccination the National Research Council Canada has been working on wasn’t very effective.

And finally…

Disneyland is heading to Toronto

Toronto Disneyland

Early artistic conceptual rendering of Toronto Disneyland. (Walt Disney Company)

Ahh if only this was true. Daily Hive Toronto convincingly reported that Disney planned to open a $6.5-billion attraction, known as “Toronto Disney Resort,” on the site of Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.

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