Adha's Foodie Tales sells cute kawaii baked goods on Instagram

May 11 2022, 7:54 pm

This city is full of inspiring chefs and foodies creating single-concept desserts and dishes.

From Teapurin’s tea-based Japanese puddings to Holy Mochi Donuts, selling preorders for treats over Instagram has become a popular model for a lot of Vancouver purveyors.

Adding to the list of cool locals to purchase eats from is Adha’s Foodie Tales, a local baker who sells her goods through monthly Instagram bake sales.

Dished chatted with Adha Lopez, the baker behind the Instagram, about her kawaii-inspired treats and baking as a way of spreading joy.

“I started baking [when] I was a child. It was my granny’s way to show us her love and a great activity that brought together the women in my family,” Lopez tells us.

Her Instagram account Foodie Tales, features photos and videos of her colourful and cute baked goods, including koinobori melon pan in honour of Japan’s Children’s Day and pink teddy bear-shaped chocolate chip cookies.

Lopez says that for her, baking is a way of showing love, so it’s important that her baking account is a space where people can feel happy and get a boost of serotonin.

“It’s my hobby and a project that gives me happiness, so I want to share that,” she says.

For the different shapes and characters, Lopez says she draws inspiration from her favourite cartoons, pop culture, and illustrators. Her recipes are also inspired by Japanese and Mexican baked goods, like conchas, melon pan, milk bread, and rosca de reyes.

“My process to create a dessert is first to choose food that I would love to eat. Then see if I can visualize it transformed into something cute (a special shape, colour, face). Then I adjust the recipe ’till I’m satisfied with the flavour, [which] helps me to achieve my design,”‘ she says.

The bake sales happen once or twice a month through her Instagram account. Each sale will be based on a seasonal item, and Lopez says she likes to change up the designs and flavours based on that month’s festivities.

She posts whatever is on offer to her Instagram, and customers can message her about making an order up to two days before the pick-up date.

Pick-ups are always on weekends between 11:30 am, and 1:30 pm and are at specific locations: Brentwood SkyTrain station for Burnaby, Waterfront SkyTrain station for downtown, and Broadway-City Hall SkyTrain station for Vancouver.

Availability is always limited, but Lopez says she also occasionally will have clients request special large orders, which she can fulfill based on her schedule.

With her moe anime aesthetic, use of bright colours, and cheerful characters, Lopez’s treats make for super special gifts for others or for yourself, especially if you’re having a bad day – because it’s hard to be sad when you’ve got a box of chocolate teddy bear buns smiling back at you.

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