This is Toronto's newest spot for rare and exotic snacks

Dec 14 2021, 3:06 pm

Late-night munchies just got serious. A new store for tons of rare and exotic treats has just opened in Toronto.

Trap Mart is officially welcoming snack aficionados to its Queen Street West location and they’re stocked up with the wildest treats you could imagine.

Salted Caramel brownie Oreos, Dunkaroos cereal, pizza-flavoured Cheetos, fruity cereal KitKat and so, so much more.

They’ve opened just in time for the holiday season so some of their snacks could work as a fun-filled gift for the special foodie in your life.

Earlier this month, GoodGood opened a pop-up cafe on Adelaide and Spadina, too, offering hard-to-find snacks and pantry items, many of which are locally made. Toronto’s rare snack game will be getting stronger in the New Year with another unique snack shop opening in the city sometime soon.

Trap Mart is located at 702 Queen Street West, at the corner of Manning Avenue.

Now you can try every version of your favourite snack, ever.

Trap Mart

Address:Ā 702 Queen Street West
Hours:Ā Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 10 pm

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