Toronto cherry blossoms expected to hit peak bloom this week

May 2 2022, 2:11 pm

After a cold winter and a very slow start to spring, the long-awaited High Park cherry blossoms are about to hit peak bloom.

Predictions from multiple sources expect most blooms to open this week. Toronto’s resident bloom predictor, Sakura Steve, thinks that most of the cherry blossoms will begin opening around May 4, and petals will begin falling around May 11.

The City of Toronto has also gotten into the prediction game and issued a press release to let residents know that the time has come. Effective Monday, vehicle traffic in High Park is restricted to leave ample room for blossom hunters.

High Park’s Nature Centre is also predicting peak bloom this week, with the caveat that if cooler weather moves in, it could delay things.

If you don’t want to put your trust in predictions, you can check the blossoms yourself from your home. Toronto’s live Bloom Cam is back this year, so you can see the status of the tree before heading to the park.

While the week is starting off with rain and slightly cooler temperatures, this shouldn’t stop the blooms from opening. Especially after Tuesday, when the forecast shows sunny days and high-teen temperatures.

Expect the park to be busy as this is the first year since the start of the pandemic that the City is allowing bloom-watchers to get close to the trees. Not to mention that Torontonians flock to parks as soon as the weather is somewhat reasonable.

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