14 distanced things to do in Toronto this week: March 15 to 19

Mar 15 2021, 7:08 am

Please Note: As of March 8, Toronto is under the province’s Grey Zone. This means you must stay at home as much as possible and only go out for necessities, including getting food, going to work, and getting exercise. If you go out, maintain the six-foot physical distancing guidelines and wear a mask.

It may be cold and chilly but the sun is out as a thoughtful reminder that spring is just a few days away. While you wait, here are a few things that you can do in Toronto that are safe and fun.

It’s important to remember that although Ontario’s Stay at Home orders have lifted in Toronto, only essential trips such as getting food, heading to work, and getting exercise are permitted.

Here’s a list of ideas that might help keep things exciting through March:

Try items from Tim Horton’s secret menu

Tired of ordering the same thing from Tim Hortons every single time? Us too. Well, thanks to some incredible TikTokers who have shared secret food and drink items, fans of this classic Canadian chain can now try these pro tips for themselves. Whether you’re looking to spice things up a little, or you simply just want to try something new, there’s an option for everything on this list.

When: When you’re feeling adventurous
Where: Tim Horton locations

Try out Pizza Hut x KFC Popcorn Chicken Pizza

It’s the dish you never knew you needed to try, Pizza Hut and KFC have joined forces to bring us the ultimate fast food mashup item. The Pizza Hut x KFC Popcorn Chicken Pizza has officially launched as of today, and it will be available in Canada for a limited time only.

When: For a limited time only
Where: Pizza Hut

Heartbreak Chef $5 Chicken Sandwiches

Big Ass Chicken sandwich isn’t just a way to describe this delicacy. It’s also the brainchild of Toronto’s Heartbreak Chef. If you’re curious to try what the Heartbreak Chef has created, both the Big Ass Chicken Sandwiches and Dutty Chicken Sandwiches will be on sale for $5 on March 20 as a massive “thank you” for the support given during the pandemic.

When: March 20, from 12 pm until they sell out
Where: 823 Dundas Street West

Check out tasty Shawarma spots across Toronto

What Toronto doesn’t lack is the number of restaurants serving delicious dishes from all over the world. When it comes to Shawarma, the city has some of the best. There are so many ways to enjoy the Middle Eastern dish, whether it be in a wrap, as a platter, or loaded on fries. Chicken or beef, the meat is roasted on a spit and served fresh!

When: Whenever you’re hungry
Where: Across Toronto

Try out Triple O’s first GTA location

West Coast meets Ontario in a delicious new announcement! The fast-food franchise Triple O’s has opened its first location in the GTA. Triple O’s praises themselves on their 100% fresh Canadian beef burgers, served with its iconic pickle on top. Their other classics include their hand-scooped milkshakes, fresh-cut fries, and Secret Triple “O” Sauce.

When: Whenever you want
Where: 1520 Courtneypark Drive East, Mississauga

Bottle shops where you can order cocktails from

You have your meal set for the night but need that perfect drink to sip on. If you’re having trouble, look no further: Toronto restaurants and bars are bottling cocktails for pick-up or delivery. Bottled cocktails make it so much easier to enjoy your favourite drinks without having to worry about the mixing part or deal with the clean-up later.

When: Whenever you’re in the mood
Where: Across Toronto

Pay a visit and order from some of Toronto’s oldest restaurants

Hundreds of Toronto restaurants have recently shuttered due to issues out of their control. But for others, their legacy continues to reign on, some for almost a century. With the pandemic, financial instability, and changes in business models, restaurants in the city have had to quickly come up with ways to make ends meet and also stay afloat. Despite the decades some of these locations hold on others, they have managed to find success all these years.

When: When you’re in the mood to order
Where: Across Toronto

Try the BEST bakery goods at these Toronto bakeries

Sweet treats are never a bad idea, especially during the cold months where you want nothing more than just to stay indoors and have a self-care day. Desserts help with that! Toronto is full of bakeries that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth and craving.

When: Whenever you hope to satisfy your sweet tooth
Where: Several locations across the city

Sample some of the best Toronto coffee shops

During cold winter months and the chillier beginning of spring, a hot cup of joe goes a long way. Toronto has some of the best coffee shops around. Thankfully, there are so many small businesses and locally-owned shops scattered across the city. Try a few, and you might come across your go-to spot.

When: You need that coffee fix
Where: Across Toronto

Take a trip to Athens at one of these Toronto Greek restaurants

Toronto’s Danforth is known for its Greek restaurants and delicious Mediterranean eats, and you’re almost certain to find an amazing spot. You can order for pick-up or takeout; there are many restaurants in the city that serve authentic Greek cuisine.

When: When you’re hungry
Where: Across Toronto – mostly on the Danforth

Explore Taste of Brampton and discover new restaurants

Looking for a new “go-to” restaurant? Explore the Taste of Brampton and discover new and delicious cuisines from local food spots in the city. Running until March 18, check out the list of participating restaurants.

When: Until March 18.
Where: Downtown Brampton

Try out some of Toronto’s Portuguese restaurants

Finding THE most flavourful rotisserie chicken can be quite a task, but that’s something Portuguese restaurants have down to perfection here in Toronto. Available for pick-up or takeout, there are many restaurants in the city that serve up Portuguese chicken, whether it’s for a feast or just as a dinner for one.

When: For when you’re looking for a delicious, wholesome meal.
Where: Across Toronto

Watch Aga Khan’s virtual performance

Starting on March 5, you can experience an immersive outdoor multimedia performance currently set as an experimental dance film. “IAM is a collection of COVID-19 stories told through dance and light over four acts. The first act, IAM: Dance of the Molecules, premieres on March 5 as a digital exhibition on the Aga Khan Museum’s website,” according to Aga Khan.

When: March 5 to April 30
Where: On the Aga Khan website.

Tim Horton’s Roll Up To Win

Tim Horton’s has launched its new and improved Roll Up To Win event, and it’s all online, making everyone a winner. “Please Play Again” is long gone, and guests will earn one roll for each eligible item, including cold beverages, breakfast sandwiches, and breakfast wraps, in addition to hot beverages.

When: March 8 to April 4.
Where: All Tim Horton’s locations

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