Car makes smashing entrance, destroys Ontario restaurant's storefront

Jun 22 2022, 1:25 pm

A London steakhouse had a scare of a lifetime after a car drove right through its storefront, completely shattering one of its windows.

Chop Steakhouse & Bar took to Instagram and shared images of the aftermath on Tuesday.

“We get it — you really want a drive-through,” read the post.

“Happy to report that nobody was seriously injured at our Chop London location, and that we are open for dine-in and takeout.”

Cars crashing into storefronts isn’t anything new, unfortunately. Back in December 2021, someone drove through a Pusateriā€™s cafe storefrontĀ in Yorkville after losing control of the wheel.

In February 2022, a car backed right into a Japanese cheesecake shopĀ in Mississauga. A few days after that, another carĀ crashed right into an LCBO location in Brampton.

Chachiā€™s Chai Bar in Scarborough had the same fate when a car nearly misses customers dining inside.

“The next time that you want an amazing steak, no need to drive your car through the wall, just visit to make a reservation,” read the post.

At least they’re in good spirits.

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