Brampton LCBO evacuated after a car crashed into the store (VIDEO)

Feb 28 2022, 10:21 pm

Customers out for a booze run at an LCBO in Brampton had a bit of a scare this weekend after a car managed to crash into the store, leading everyone to evacuate.

The LCBO confirmed to Daily Hive that the incident occurred on February 26 at their 9970 Airport Road location in Brampton.

Video footage of the incident was shared on TikTok, capturing the ordeal just moments after the crash.

Employees can be seen acting swiftly to close the store as the camera person heads towards the driver to see if they are stable.

@thephatjai Just witnessed this happen live. Thankfully nobody was injured. #Crash #LCBO #Canada #FYP ♬ original sound – ThePhatJai

The impact wasn’t enough to completely drive through the store, but it did manage to cause some damage.

“The store closed for cleanup for the remainder of the day and reopened on Sunday, February 27,” said the LCBO in an email.

The driver, who was clearly shaken up, managed to get out of their car with no visible injuries and was guided with the help of the camera person and bystanders.

Per the caption on the video, no one was injured.

Still, it’s fair to say the moment was terrifying.

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