Art and Found: Toronto artists leave art around the city for anyone to take home

Mar 11 2022, 4:29 pm

You’ve heard of an Easter egg hunt, but what if, instead of eggs, you were hunting for various works of art?

The second International Art and Found Day is coming to Toronto on Saturday, and more than 125 GTA artists will be leaving their artwork around the city. It’s not just in Toronto; artists from 38 countries will be leaving thousands of pieces around their cities for locals to find and take home!

Artists range from painters and illustrators to sculptors and artisans. All the works of art will be packaged and come with a note marked #ArtandFoundDay on the outside. The packages will also hold the artist’s contact information so you can connect directly to the creator!

“Art and Found Day was initiated to help uplift spirits and spread positive energy
through our communities,” Courtney Senior, founder of Art and Found Day, said in a press release.


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Nearly 1,000 artists have signed up to take part around the world. Artists in Japan, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, India, Indonesia and many more will be taking part.

“Art is one of the most powerful tools. It not only brings people together, but it enables self-
expression, self-reflection and self-healing, and I want it to be at the world’s fingertips,” Senior added.

Art and Found was founded by Senior in Toronto. She would leave her own art around the city and share it on social media; it took off and has become a movement of its own.

Keep an eye out on Saturday to find a work of art; you never know who you’ll get a chance to connect with.

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