You're not a true Seattleite if you haven't visited these seven spots

Jun 20 2022, 7:26 pm

Whether you’ve lived in Seattle for six months or six years, you’ll never be a true Seattleite unless you visit these seven spots.

Yes, they’re touristy, yes, they’re overhyped, but yes, you must visit.

Visit Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is probably the first place you visited when you first arrived in Seattle. If it isn’t, then why haven’t you gone? Play tourist for a day and enjoy the fish tossers and multiple levels of fun.

Drink Seattle coffee


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Starbucks isn’t it. Sorry to break it to you, but although Starbucks came out of Seattle, it isn’t the best coffee that our city has to offer. Here’s a list of great coffee shops in Seattle to start with.

Enjoy a summer concert


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Between the BECU Zoo Tunes at the Woodland Park Zoo, shows at the Gorge Amphitheater, Washington State Fair, and more, you have to spend at least one summer night at a live concert.

Watch a ball game


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We in Seattle love our sports. Whether it be supporting the Seahawks or the Mariners, you have to check out a game. Choose an in-person experience or pop by one of our many sports bars.

Pose with the Fremont Troll 

Not going to lie to you, the Fremont Troll is a little underwhelming. That being said, you need at least one photo with the troll in your camera roll.

Visit the gum wall

Grab a pack of gum, chew up a stick or two, and slap it on the wall. You can even get creative and make little shapes with your gum or even chew up a whole pack and write your name. Come on, it’s fun.

Take the Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour 


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Lead by a hilarious and knowledgable guide, the tour will take you on a 75-minute journey through underground passages that were once the bustling streets of the old city. This tour is so necessary to learn about our city’s history.

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