7 stores in Seattle perfect for finding a last-minute Halloween costume

Oct 18 2021, 9:32 pm

Don’t dig out last year’s bunny ears and call it quits, you’ve still got a week to come up with the perfect Halloween costume.

Whether you’re wanting to join the masses in a Squid Game costume, or want to go truly original, these seven Seattle stores will have what you’re looking for.

Here are seven shops in and around Seattle that are perfect for sourcing this year’s Halloween costume.

Spirit Halloween


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We’re always confused how a million Spirit Halloweens just happen to pop up in a different spot each year. We are pretty thankful for them, though, as they always seem to be stocked with an unlimited selection of costumes, accessories, and spooky decor.

Location: 4501 Roosevelt Way, Seattle
Location: 838 NE Northgate Way, Seattle
Phone: 866-586-0155
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Red Light Vintage


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Because Red Light Vintage adds new items to its shelves every day, it’s regarded as Seattle’s biggest vintage clothing shop. The store stocks clothing from every era from the past 100 years, meaning that you can find authentic outfits from every decade. They also have select Halloween costumes on sale.

Location: 4560 University Way NE, Seattle
Phone: 206-545-4044

Party For Less


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Located just a little way out of Seattle in Kirkland, Party For Less offers awesome party supplies and costumes at discounted rates. Why pay full price for an outfit you’re only going to wear once?

Location: 10015 NE 137th Street, Kirkland
Phone: 425-820-4751

Pretty Parlor


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Pretty Parlor is a curated new and vintage boutique that carries lovely styles representing the 1920s through the 1990s. You’ll find a wonderful Gatsby outfit or perhaps a popping poodle skirt at this adorable parlor.

Location: 119 Summit Avenue E, Seattle
Phone: 206-405-CUTE (2883)
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Party City


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Of course, we have to include Party City in this list. Known for its incredible amounts of party supplies, this staple is sure to have at least one Halloween costume you’ll appreciate.

Location: A full list of locations can be found online.

Champion Party Supply

Buy a pre-made costume or accessorize something you already own with items from Champion Party Supply. The store is bursting with costumes for kids, adults, couples, and even pets.

Location: 461 Elliott Avenue W, Seattle
Phone: 206-284-1980
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Bon Voyage Vintage

Bon Voyage features vintage, one-of-a-kind, and handmade items from local designers. You never know what you’ll find in this shop, from perfect pink cowboy boots to ’80s nostalgia garments.

Location: 110 S Washington Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-226-5069
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