How to date while physical distancing

Mar 30 2020, 11:21 pm

Let’s face it, self-isolation can be lonely.

If you’re not living with your significant other, the move to a long-distance relationship may be taking a toll on the two of you. For those without a partner, you may be one of many who are downloading dating apps to get through these tough times.

While it’s undoubtedly hard being apart from one another, there are so many ways to stay in touch and spend time “together” while you’re physical distancing.

Here are some tips on how to date during a pandemic.


Texting is key! The easiest way to fall out of contact with someone during quarantine is to not talk to them at all.

Don’t message them 24/7, but do remind the other person that you still have an interest by communicating once every few days or daily.


If there’s one good thing to come out of coronavirus, it’s the memes. With so many great memes out there, starting a conversation has never been easier.

Shoot your shot by sending a silly image, or even try a meme show-off.

The great thing about memes is that there’s an endless amount floating around the interwebs, and they let you get to know more about the other person’s humor.


If you use Spotify, send your significant other some playlists. You’ll be able to discover new music, learn what kind of shows you may want to go to together once life resumes, and have many more things to talk about.

When sending a playlist, call the other person and judge albums together — it’s always nice having someone listen to tunes with you.


The Netflix Party extension is a godsend. The Google Chrome browser extension allows you and your partner to sync up Netflix streams and watch the same programming in real-time. If you click pause, both screens pause. If you skip ahead, both screens skip ahead.

All you have to do is load up Netflix, select the add-on, hit “create party,” and then send the shown URL to your significant other.

As a bonus, Netflix Party also includes a lovely chat box, where the whole group can comment on the media, fall down conversational rabbit holes, or just spend quality digital time catching up on life.

So far, our date favorites have included Contagion, Tiger King, and Love is Blind.

Online games

Online games are awesome because they let you connect and flirt through moves and game rules. Create new rules for classic games, or try making up completely new games together.

We suggest for Cards Against Humanity or Checkers, using Facebook Messenger for a variety of games, or any of these other online games.


Video chat with other person while having dinner in your respective homes. You’ll feel like you’re still face-to-face with the bonus of getting to wear pajama bottoms.

Go on a social distancing walk

Take time to go on a virtual walk. Call the other person or video call and show them your surroundings.

You’ll stay physically isolated but still enjoy the benefits of fresh air, nature, and company.

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