New Netflix feature lets you binge with friends while social distancing

Mar 18 2020, 5:38 pm

A new Chrome-browser add-on called Netflix Party wants to bring the social movie experience to the digital world as the coronavirus forces many into quarantine and isolation.

There are a million reasons to get together with your friends, your loved ones, or a date, but none of them are as tried-and-true as gathering for media consumption. Movie nights or cinema outings are more prevalent today (thanks to technology and access) than ever before.

Unfortunately, in a state of public crisis, humans are asked to keep their distance from one another.

In addition to a suggested six-foot buffer between people, those able to work from home are asked to do so. This makes for a tricky time to get together and binge-watch your favorite Netflix show, or pop some corn and watch a movie.

However, a true hero has arrived. Netflix Party is a browser extension that allows you and those you want to enjoy time with to sync up Netflix streams and watch the same programming in your browser.

All you have to do is load up Netflix, select the add-on, hit “create party,” and then send the shown URL to your pals.

As a bonus, Netflix Party also includes a lovely chat box, where the whole group can comment on the media, fall down conversational rabbit holes, or just spend quality digital time catching up on life.

So, set-up your Netflix Party, and sync-up with your favorite folks to drown out all of the negative news and stress that comes along with living in the spring of 2020.

Netflix Party is only available for Google’s Chrome browser.

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