Unvaccinated employees can't be fired in Quebec: Labour Minister

Jul 12 2021, 3:45 pm

As Quebec prepares to introduce a COVID-19 vaccine passport by the fall, employees across the province can’t be fired or dismissed for being unvaccinated against the coronavirus.

On Friday, Quebec’s Labour Minister Jean Boulet said an employee’s vaccination status could not be cause for dismissal from employment.

Last week, the province’s Health Minister Christian Dubé announced that as of September 1, a vaccine passport could be used across Quebec to access non-essential services, if justified, based on outbreaks or the transmission of the virus.

Dubé said electronic documentation for non-essential services like gyms, sports, bars, restaurants, festivals, performances, and events could be used if an outbreak occurs.

On Friday, Boulet said an individual’s vaccination status would not be a factor when an employer is deciding to hire someone or as a cause for termination.

Specifically, the minister said not getting vaccinated cannot be a “factor of discrimination in hiring.” In French, he said, “it cannot constitute a valid reason for dismissal.”

Boulet said he still encourages Quebecers to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

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