Quebec will implement COVID-19 vaccine passport by the fall to avoid breakouts

Jul 8 2021, 5:48 pm

The Quebec Government will create a COVID-19 vaccine passport for citizens with two doses of the vaccine to avoid going back to confinement this fall.

The passport will be available as of September 1 but will only be used for access to non-essential services if outbreaks or the transmission of the virus is justified.

During a Thursday afternoon press conference, Quebec’s Minister of Health Christian Dubé said the province must “prepare ourselves for the fall.” He says Quebec needs a high number of vaccinations to ensure we don’t go back into a “general lockdown.”

“To be quite clear, the vaccination passport will not be used for access to services. Only for non-essential things,” said Dubé. He reiterated that the passport would only be used for proof of people who are double vaccinated if an outbreak occurs again in the fall. “The passport will be used if and only if outbreaks justify us doing so.”

Dubé says the vaccination passport will only start to be used once everyone in Quebec has the chance to get two doses of a coronavirus vaccine.

The minister says that gyms, team sports, and bars have the highest risk. He says moderate risks are arts, festivals, and event watching.

“With vaccinations, we have found an alternative to generalized lockdowns,” he continued, “it will be good for society, education, and the economy.”

Dubé says that people who are adequately vaccinated will have a “more normal” situation in the case of another outbreak. “The people who refuse to get vaccinated — and it is their right — would have to self isolate and may not have access to certain activities if there is another outbreak.”

He says two doses of the vaccine have a “crucial” effect on the number of cases and hospitalizations in the province.

Dubé continued to encourage people to go out and get the vaccine, citing it as “super easy” and gave the example of people getting vaccinated in parks.

“Vaccinations are good for each and every one of us for our use of freedom,” he concluded.”Vaccination is our passport towards the return to normal. Each percentage can make a very big difference.”

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