10 popular meals at St-Hubert ranked from worst to best

Dec 15 2021, 9:05 pm

Who’s in the mood for some BBQ chicken?

St-Hubert, the Quebec-based restaurant chain, specializes in chicken. They can dish out a chicken leg or breast like it’s nobody’s business, but they also have a few menu items that are… questionable.

Because who’s heading to St-Hubert for fish?

The chain, which first opened in 1951 on Saint Hubert Street in Montreal, has 126 locations spread out across Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick.

Here are some of our favourite St-Hubert meals, along with a few flops for the spot, Canada’s 16th largest restaurant chain.

10. Fish & chips

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It’s tough to find freshly battered fish at restaurant chains, especially in non-coastal cities.

St-Hubert uses cod fillets that are lightly battered. And while the batter is decent, the fish is initially frozen, and that taste comes through.

You can skip, stick to the chicken.

9. Chicken brochette

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St-Hub serves up a seasoned, grilled chicken brochette on a bed of rice with fries and a bun. It feels like an excuse to just get out as many chicken-based meals as possible.

The portion is small, and the chicken is pretty bland. It’s coated in a BBQ sauce that doesn’t do it much justice.

8. Chicken caesar salad

St-Hubert might be better off just serving the caesar sauce on the side for this one. The sauce is quite liquidy and results in an otherwise soggy salad that has a few too many croutons.

7. Ribs

You know that feeling when you’re eating ribs, and they just slide right off the bone?

St-Hubert’s ribs don’t do that.

They’re meaty, which gives it some extra points, and the sauce is smoky and sweet. If the meat was more tender, these would be very tasty.

Unfortunately, they’re not.

6. Poutine

Considering this is a Quebec staple, St-Huber has to do poutine better.

The fries are good and golden, the cheese curds are squeaky good, but the franchise hasn’t nailed the poutine sauce.

Close, but no cigar.

5. St-Hubert crispy chicken wrap

St-Hubert wraps their crispy chicken tenders into a whole wheat tortilla mixed with crispy bacon, lettuce, and Swish cheese.

Toss in a side of coleslaw, and you’re good to go.

4. St-burger


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The St-burger uses crispy chicken and a spicy Piri-Piri sauce on an artisan bun and topped with its famous creamy coleslaw, lettuce, sliced pickles, and cheese.

It’s pretty top-notch.

Honourable mention: Cheese sticks


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You can’t count cheese sticks as a meal, but these fried little sticks of mozzarella are tasty as heck.

3. Club Sandwich

Sometimes you just got to stick to the classics, and St-Hubert does classics really well.

They serve their club sandwich with chunks of roasted chicken (dark or white meat), lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, and slices of grilled bread.

Served with a side of mayonnaise, gravy, and fries, it’s a beautiful quartet.

2. Hot chicken sandwich

The hot chicken sandwich is a good time. Wedged between two slices of grilled bread is chunky roasted white meat chicken, covered with hot BBQ sauce and peas as a garnish.

It’s a classic Quebec dish, and St-Hub does it remarkably. If you want to go double gravy (and double Quebec), order a side of poutine instead of fries.

1. Quarter chicken breast/leg

Come on, are you surprised?

It’s St-Hubert’s most popular meal. Whether you’re going for a quarter chicken breast or the leg, we can’t actually definitively say which is better. The leg has more flavour, but the gravy and white meat is a beautiful tandem.

Served with a side of BBQ sauce, a bun, coleslaw, and fries, you have all the tools at your disposal to make your own sandwich or just eat ’em all separately.

It’s tasty every time and has been for 70 years.

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