BIXI launches its own fleet of electric bikes in Montreal

Aug 26 2019, 8:39 pm

Not to be outdone by its Uber-owned competitors and Lime scooters, Montreal’s OG transport-sharing company made an announcement today.

After last year’s pilot project was deemed successful, BIXI Montreal has launched its fleet of electric bikes in its current self-service bike-sharing system.

The electric-assisted bicycles can now be rented like a regular BIXI, at the additional cost of $1 per trip whether you’re a yearly member or a casual user.

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There are three ways to rent the new electric BIXI bikes: with the BIXI key, through the BIXI app, or with a preregistered OPUS card.

BIXI electric


The new BIXI bikes do come with a few guidelines. Riders are required to wear a helmet, drive in the direction of traffic, remove headphones, and respect the Highway Safety Code, according to the company website.

Failing to wear a protective helmet is a violation of the province’s safety code and comes with fines up to $100.

Like their non-electric brethren, electric BIXIs can be rented for 45 minutes at a time for members and 30 minutes for the casual rider.

“This initiative aligns with BIXI Montreal’s mission and vision of modernizing urban mobility through an active, accessible, innovative, and collaborative experience,” reads the BIXI Montreal website. “We’re responding to the growing demand for self-service electric bicycles. This trend has taken the world by storm.

Over 100 electric rides have been introduced to the BIXI network, and the company highlights the following benefits of going electric:

  • Help improve urban mobility and public transportation throughout Montreal (by relieving traffic congestion).
  • Give locals an alternative low-cost, accessible and innovative option for getting around the city. This new form of transportation has various ecological, economic, societal, and physical advantages.
  • Respond to the strong demand for BIXI self-service bicycles.
  • Attract new users (e.g. non-users, casual users, professionals, older people, or those who are less fit).
  • Make getting around easier.
  • Allow users to cover a longer distance in a shorter time.

The bikes, which top out at 32 km/h, are available from now until the BIXI season sums up its 2019 campaign on November 15.

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