Electric BIXI bikes roll onto the streets of Montreal next month

Jul 24 2018, 12:30 pm

Biking is great, there’s no doubt. Starting next month, Montrealers will be able to bike without having to bike, as BIXI unveils their new electric BIXI bikes.

The electric-assisted bicycles, similar to the models that are available in Laval, will be stationed at 40 different docks around the island of Montreal.

According to Projet Montréal, the electric BIXIs will be offered at the same price as regular BIXIs. Each bike will run via a chargeable battery, that will last for just over 100 kilometres. The bikes will be charged manually during routine tuning.

The 40 electric BIXIs will be launched on August 15, primarily as a test. BIXI officials want to test the technology, gauge the interest and above all, ensure the service can find a place in the cycling habits of Montrealers.

A spokesperson of BIXI Montreal told Daily Hive that the company is hopeful the new electric bikes will attract new customers and offer an alternative to motorists down the line.

The new BIXIs will be equipped with a screen on the handlebars that shows how much battery life is left in each trip. Users will be able to choose to pedal normally or automatically ride down the bath pike, like a mini chopper.

BIXI officials urge riders to always keep an eye out of oncoming traffic and bikers, not to use your cell phone while riding and to always wear a helmet.

All Montreal has to do now is come up with a flashier name than ‘electric BIXIs.’ How does ElectrIXIs sound?