Herschel Supply interested in opening stores in Toronto and Montreal

Jun 15 2018, 9:32 am

There is no question that Herschel Supply Co. is one of the most popular urban-style bag and accessory brands in Toronto and Montreal, and there could be brick-and-mortar stores in both cities in the future to solidify that following.

Herschel co-founder and managing director Lyndon Cormack told Daily Hive in a recent interview that Herschel is interested in opening company-owned and operated stores in both Toronto and Montreal.

This weekend, it will be opening a 5,000-sq-ft store in downtown Vancouver, which will be the first company-owned and operated store, as well as the first brick and mortar store in North America.

“Vancouver was key to open first. It’s our hometown and we’d just feel bad if we went somewhere else first,” said Cormack.

“Toronto and Montreal are both great markets for us, some of the biggest in the world for sure. I think eventually we’ll have some experiences there for sure, we’re quite well distributed in those markets. I think that some sort of touch point in those markets would be more important for Herschel. It’s not just about selling stuff, but it’s also about allowing people to interact with our brand.”

Besides opening in Eastern Canada, McCormack says the Vancouver-based retailer could eventually open company-owned and operated stores in New York and Europe, perhaps London.

But additional store openings by the company could be years away, as Herschel will learn from the operations of its Vancouver store and apply it elsewhere.

Herschel has 45 franchise-operated stores around the world, with most of the locations within the Asian market. Other stores are located in Europe, Mexico, and South America.

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