Summer with a view: 11 rooftop terraces in Montreal you have to check out

Jul 8 2022, 4:27 pm

No offence to regular patios, but something about sitting up high on rooftop terraces just hits differently.

Maybe it’s because we endure long winters in Montreal and come summertime, we want to be as close to the sunshine as possible.

Or maybe it’s because Montreal has a breathtaking skyline from up high?

Regardless of the reason, grab a tasty cocktail and enjoy rooftop terrace season.

(Did I just create a rhyming rooftop jingle?)

Here are the best vantage points of the city and a few rooftop terraces you must try in Montreal this summer.

Terrasse Carla

How about meeting luxury with some jungle vibes while overlooking Old Montreal?

Terrasse Carla opened to the public in May and is inspired by the French colonial mansions of Vietnam. The spot’s menu is spearheaded by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s personal chef, Chanthy Yen, and combines classic French and Vietnamese cuisines.

Plus, the secretive sixth-floor locale offers a seriously refreshing cocktail menu.

Address: 985 Boulevard Saint-Laurent (sixth floor)
Phone: (514) 370-7777

Taverne Atlantic


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If you want to soak up some rooftop patio time and feel like you’re jamming out at a buddy’s place, Taverne Atlantic is an unpretentious spot that offers outdoor fireplaces, pizza, and poutine.

Very casual, very cozy, very rooftoppy.

Address: 6512 Avenue Park
Phone: (514) 544-6512

Snowbird Tiki Bar


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This gem of a bar in Rosemont will make you feel like you’re on a rooftop in some exotic location.

Snowbird’s rooftop has plenty of nooks and crannies and it’s rainproof while also offering plenty of shade from the sun. If you’re looking for an all-weather terrace on a roof, this cozy spot is tough to top.

Address: 6388 Rue St-Hubert



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Rooftop terraces aren’t exclusively meant for dining, you can also party on ’em.

If you want to let loose on an up-high patio, Muzique has a gorgeous wood-panel rooftop terrace that has a sexy mini bar.

Address: 3781 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Phone: (514) 282-2224

Le Réservoir


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You can’t always have sky-high rooftop terraces. Sometimes it’s nice to be close to the street and people watch.

If that’s what you’re in the mood for, Le Réservoir’s second-floor outdoor terrace is perfect. It’s also an artisanal brewery, so grab a tasty pop or two.

Address: 9 Avenue Duluth
Phone: (514) 849-7779



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The MARCUS terrace is a bit more high-end but offers gorgeous views of the downtown core. Grab some top-shelf food and drink inside downtown’s iconic Four Seasons Hotel and have Crescent’s iconic Leonard Cohen mural staring back at you (just like Michelle Pfeiffer during her visit here).

Address: 1440 Rue de la Montagne
Phone: (514) 843-2525

Terrasse William Gray

Channel European vibes with breathtaking views of the Old Port at Terrasse William Gray.

Address: 421 Rue Saint Vincent
Phone: (514) 656-5600

Poincaré Chinatown

Poincaré Chinatown offers microbrews on tap, Asian-inspired bites, and an open-air outdoor rooftop terrace — and look! Chinese lanterns!

Address: 1071 Boulevard Saint-Laurent (second floor)

Terrasse Nelligan


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How about chugging back some drinks, snacking on bites, and going eye-level with the historic Notre Dame Basilica?

Terrasse Nelligan is one of Montreal’s most popular rooftop patios and there’s no question as to why.

Address: 106 Saint-Paul Street W
Phone: (514) 788-4021

Les Enfants Terribles PVM

If you want to go big, Les Enfants Terribles terrace at Place Ville Mare is the highest restaurant in Quebec and offers endless views of the entire Montreal metro area. You can’t go wrong.

Address: 1 Boulevard Robert-Bourassa
Phone: (514) 544-8884

Restaurant Bivouac


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Oysters, poutine, comfy armchairs, and urban jungle vibes overlooking the Quartier des Spectacles?

What else do you need?

Address: 1255 Jeanne Mance
Phone: (514) 841-2021

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