We here at Daily Hive HQ might be a bit biased, but few cities stack up to the appealing lifestyle and natural beauty of Vancouver.

This modern metropolis is all about healthy outdoor living at its finest.

The air is fresh and the nature is abundant. Within an hour’s drive from downtown, you can find remote places to camp, mountains to hike, hills to ski, and cliffs to climb. Thanks to its unique topographical layout, Vancouver is one of the only cities in the world where you can go skiing on a mountain in the morning and swimming in the ocean the same afternoon.

The city itself is extremely walkable and is flanked by the seawall for jogging or biking, and populated with countless fitness studios for getting your sweat on. Not to mention all the green juice and yoga-wear you could ask for.

The foodie scene is burgeoning. The city is brimming with hoppin’ craft breweries (don’t mind the pun), and pretty much every cultural cuisine on the planet, including the most delectable Asian dishes. Sushi is a staple, farm-to-table is super accessible and alternative healthy options are aplenty. Here, we work to play (and a lot of that play has to do with eating out).

So where are the best places to eat, drink, and explore in Vancouver? Stay tuned for our travel guides to find out.


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