People suspect pieces of the Mindbender roller coaster are now in a scrapyard (PHOTO)

Mar 30 2023, 5:42 pm

A recently shared photo from a recycling company has caught the eye of many Edmontonians.

Earlier this year, Galaxyland confirmed the closure of the Mindbender, the world’s largest indoor triple-loop roller coaster, which was introduced when the park opened in 1985. The ride’s retirement comes as the park undergoes a Hasbro-themed transformation.

Just last week, a photo surfaced on Reddit of the roller coaster being taken apart piece by piece and accumulated many comments, with many people reminiscing about their time on the ride.

General Recycling Industries Ltd. recently posted a contest to its Instagram with a pile of material, and many Edmontonians were quick to point out it was likely portions of the Mindbender track.

“I hoped beyond hope that it would be sold to another park somewhere. I can believe I’m seeing the track of the Mindbender sitting in a scrap pile,” wrote one user.

Another person chimed in on Reddit stating “I honestly don’t know if I can ever give the new park money knowing they did this.”

The user ThatBEMguy, who has created prominent and in-depth videos regarding everything West Edmonton Mall, added, “First and foremost, my heart simply cannot take this. I had assumed that it would be moved to some park somewhere who might make it live again. Second… to see its remains used as a giveaway promo… it just adds salt to the wound. My poor Mindbender, I cannot believe it has come to this.”

The Monopoly Railroad Train and Hungry Hungry Hippos-themed bumper cars are just a few of the rides that have been transformed into Hasbro’s most iconic games. Phase one of the redevelopment opened last December, with the second phase to open sometime this year.

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