Canadian Salvation Army thrift store shamed for charging "full price"

Apr 15 2023, 5:56 pm

Canadian thrift stores are under scrutiny from deal-hunting shoppers as conversations about pricing practices have come up in recent years. Remember the empty wine bottle at Value Village selling for $4?

Recently, a post in the Weird Toronto Facebook group is renewing that conversation with an interesting thrift find. Facebook user Rhyann Joy shared a photo showing a piece of clothing priced by Salvation Army for $19.99.

However, the item still appeared to have its original tags from a retail store where it was also priced at $19.99.


Rhyann Joy on Weird Toronto/Facebook

According to the post, this thrift store find was spotted at the Salvation Army at Bloor and Lansdowne.

The post triggered every thrifter in the GTA to chime in.

“The Salvation Army is disgusting with their pricing,” wrote one commenter. “I’ve found items from the dollar store being sold for double the original cost,” they said.

“Haven’t been to the Sally Ann in years due to them increasing the price on name brand products,” said another.

Thrift stores are pricing thousands of items a day. So, it’s possible that this pricing is reflective of an error. In instances like these, it’s a good idea to ask an employee about an item’s cost, it’s possible that they’ll reduce the price.

Remember, as you’re thrifting, keep a close lookout for any additional tags on garments because you never know.

Daily Hive has reached out to the original poster and will update this story.

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