Wait, what?! Parts of California have more snow than Canada right now (PHOTOS/VIDEOS)

Mar 7 2023, 9:40 pm

Many may think of California as the land of sun and sand, but right now parts of the US state actually have more snow than most of Canada.

An uncharacteristic winter storm hit US counties like Los Angeles and Nevada two weeks ago, giving us surreal images of palm trees covered in snow, and the Hollywood sign with a backdrop of snowcapped mountains.

The unusual winter wallop didn’t stop there for the sunny states.

Just last week, California was slammed with a blizzard that left many of its mountain communities buried under more than 100 inches (2.54 metres) of snow, according to the National Weather Service.

This prompted the state to declare a state of emergency in 13 counties.

The five to 15 cm of snow Vancouver and Toronto experienced in recent weeks is nothing compared to what some Californians are going through right now.

As of last Wednesday evening, authorities had conducted almost 100 rescues in one of the hardest hit counties of San Bernardino, reported CNN.

Residents like Michelle Calkins took to Twitter urging for more help from the state.

“People are trapped in their homes and have been for now more than five days because the streets are not plowed,” she said in a video posted on March 1. “The snow has now accumulated up to about 9 feet.”

One insane image from Mammoth Lakes, California, shows a towering snow bank, about three times the size of the person in the photo.

@courtneyadelmann 📍Mammoth Mountain in CA has gotten crazy amounts of snow ❄️ #mammothmountain #mammothlakes #snow #snowstorm #mammothlakescalifornia ♬ snowfall – Øneheart & reidenshi

And of course, whenever there’s snow anywhere in the world, Canadians always have something to say about it.

“California has more snow than most of Canada. That doesn’t seem normal,” tweeted one person.

A Canadian on TikTok told the Golden State residents to “start shovelling.”

@officialjessesingh #stitch with @CBSEveningNews #california #californiasnowday #shovelingsnow #startshoveling #snowstorm #canadalife ♬ original sound – Car Mechanic To Entrepreneur

Another TikToker shared her confusion after moving to California to escape the snow in Canada.

@tiannaparisleigh When you move from Canada to California to get away from the snow but you move to crestline California, #fyp #californiasnow #california #canada #movewithme #imconfused #crestline #fypシ #snow #model ♬ we are all confused – lydslover

According to CNN, another winter storm is set to hit the northern region of the state this week.

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