Rogers creating "always on" network to prevent major outages

Jul 25 2022, 10:50 pm

Rogers is working to create an “always on” network for wireless and internet services after a major outage earlier this month left its customers experiencing difficulty trying to use alarm monitoring services, debit, and credit services, and even call 911. 

In a letter from Tony Staffieri, president and CEO of Rogers Communications, he says he is making a personal commitment to ensure the company does not see an outage like the one on July 8. 

“First, emergency calls to 911 simply have to work. Every time,” he said. 

To ensure Rogers customers are able to call 911, the company is working on an agreement with carriers to network automatically when calling 911 during an outage on any carrier’s network.

Rogers will also commit to creating an ”always on” network which will make its cellular and internet services more reliable. 

Over the next three years, $10 billion will be invested for more oversight, more testing, and greater use of Artificial Intelligence. 

Rogers is working with technology firms to do a full review of its network to learn from the recent outage and will share what it learns with the industry. 

Rogers has offered a credit that works out to the equivalent of five days of service for customers impacted. The company’s flanker brands and resellers also offered credit. 

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