Not a Rogers customer? You could still receive a credit for the huge outage

Jul 20 2022, 11:04 pm

If you are not a direct Rogers customer, there’s a chance you could still receive a credit for the network outage.

Some Rogers’ flanker brands and resellers are offering credit. 

Earlier this month, Rogers customers across the country experienced problems with the internet, phone, alarm monitoring services, and even debit and credit services.

In response to the significant disruption, Rogers offered a credit that works out to the equivalent of five days of service for customers impacted.

Aside from Rogers itself, here are some other providers whose customers can expect a credit:


After hearing the experiences of customers during the outage, Fido said “we know we need to earn back their trust.”

Customers will receive an automatic credit worth five days of service.

The amount paid depends on the customers existing monthly plan. 


Chatr posted the same message Fido posted online saying it will be crediting existing customers with five days worth of service. 


Oxio customers in Ontario will be getting a five-day credit for their troubles, but customers in other provinces will not.

Oxio does not use Rogers lines in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba so customers in those areas would not have been affected, the company says. 

Francis Careau, co-founder and CTO of Oxio, told Daily Hive “we are in a negotiation process right now with Rogers according to the TPI a tariff, that’s a legal document that’s a provision by the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications), to negotiate a credit for us as a client of Rogers. If we were able to get more money than we offered already to our customers, we will take that extra money and give it back to our customer’s pockets because that’s money that belongs to them, not to us.”


Tbaytel Mobility is providing a proactive credit for three days of service and will be given to its postpaid customers. 

“Your invoice will be automatically credited in August, you do not need to contact us. Tbaytel’s decision to issue a three-day credit was supported by the rationale that Tbaytel’s fibre and wireline networks remained fully operational to provide Internet, WiFi and landline services to our residential and business customers during the duration of the outage, which allowed for alternative continued connectivity and lessened the impact of the outage in our region relative to other parts of the country,” Tbaytel’s website reads. 


Internet service provider TekSavvy told customers in an email Thursday afternoon it will apply a five-day pro-rated credit directly to their TekSavvy account(s). 

“The network failure credit will appear on your first invoice after July 20, 2022. There is no action required on your part to receive this credit,” the email reads. 

Zoomer Wireless

Zoomer Wireless is also following Rogers’ lead and is automatically crediting customers with the equivalent of five days of service. 

No action is required from customers. 

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