Chroma Club in Calgary is closing its doors soon

May 5 2023, 5:11 pm

There have been quite a few sad restaurant closures in YYC recently, and unfortunately, there is a much-loved storefront that’s closing soon as well: Chroma Club.

Located very close to CF Chinook Centre, this eclectic and locally owned store for stationary, art, clothes, snacks, drinks, and more recently announced on Instagram it would be closing soon. It’s sad news to see it leaving. The exact closing date is in the air but will be before the end of June.

“This is probably going to come as a shock and it guts me that it is happening but after many sleepless nights, I have made the very difficult decision to close the storefront,” stated the Chroma Club team in an Instagram post.

“It has been suuuuch a tough decision that I have been going over a thousand times (I have no more tears left in my body) and as much as I have tried to pivot and do everything in my power to make it work, inflation is slowly killing everything and it’s made it no longer sustainable to keep a brick-and-mortar in this economic state.”

“Feeling like I am walking away from something I have put absolutely everything into has been such a hard thing for me to fully accept that I have to do, but I am super proud that I have been able to build what I have in our little community.”

This has been a special place for so many in YYC, many of whom took to the comment section to say how much the store has meant to them.

“We love you!!” commented the Big Buns Club. “Wishing you all the best in this next chapter!”

“I literally wanna cry,” posted one user. “This was my favorite store.”

“I still can’t believe it….. It’s so sad!!!! Your store is amazing my friend and I am so sad…” posted another.

We will miss this unique store and its products, like statement earrings, seed packs, tufted tiger rugs, jibbitz, movie art, tree ornaments, snacks, drinks, and so much more. We weren’t kidding when we said it was eclectic and popping in here was always so much fun.

There’s still some time to go in, say goodbye, and check out one of the coolest stores in YYC while it’s still here.

“I truly can’t thank you enough for purchasing something, bringing a friend into the shop, sharing on social media, and for all the kind words you always threw my way,” stated Chroma Club.

“Watching your faces light up when you come through the door is something I will cherish forever.”


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Chroma Club

Address: 6036 3rd Street SW Unit 101, Calgary


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