There's a huge mural festival coming to Calgary’s Beltline this weekend

Aug 29 2018, 4:43 pm

Now this is some public artwork that we can get behind.

Calgary is all set to see what could be our first ever mural festival this weekend when the Beltline Urban Murals Project (BUMP) will get underway in — you guessed it — Calgary’s Beltline neighbourhood.

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The three-day event will feature free artist talks, walking tours, and multiple parties to celebrate the new artwork in the city, and when all is said, done, and painted, there will be a total of 11 new pieces bringing colour to Calgary.

“We’re thrilled for Calgarians to come out and see the 2018 BUMP murals being created by a diversity of incredibly talented artists, including our first indigenous artist, many local Calgarians, Canadians, and even an artist from South Africa,” said Peter Oliver, President of the Beltline Neighbourhoods Association, in a release.

“The murals are creating a growing sense of excitement and awe on the street that we haven’t quite felt here before.”


Jill Stanton (Alyssa Hanke)

Artists involved in this year’s BUMP include Faith47, Jill Stanton, Kevin Ledo, Ilana Pichon, Kalum Teke Dan, Nasarimba, Natalie Nehlawi, Tyler Lemermeyer, Nicole Wolf, Rhys Farrell and Shane Arsenault, Fluke (ASHOP), and Katie Green.

“The influence a mural can have towards activating how an individual experiences their environment is really powerful,” said Green in the release.

“BUMP is giving artists the opportunity to integrate their work with the public at a large scale, which is creating new conversation that can be both celebratory and critical. I think having both types of dialogue creates important questions and room for exciting change. I am really happy to see Calgary embracing this festival.”

A full festival map can be found at BUMP’s website, along with information on the various events and parties taking place throughout the weekend.

Here’s a preview of the types of artwork we’ll soon see throughout the streets of Beltline this weekend:


Kevin Ledo (Lee Nordbye)


Natalie Lehlawi (Jennie Price)


Rhys Farrell and Shane Arsenault (Chelsea Yang Smith)


Faith47 (Josh Boak)

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