Calgary Transit offering riders a discount over the next two months

Jul 18 2022, 9:26 pm

As prices at the pump stay high, Calgary Transit has decided to cut their prices, offering a discount for the next two months.

For August and September, monthly passes for both adults and children are $56. That’s 50% off for adult passes which come in at $112.

For children, it’s a savings of 30%.

There are plenty of events happening in the city that are easy to get to using transit. The City offers a trip planner to figure out the best way to get to these.

So whether you are looking at saving some money this summer or just don’t want to deal with parking, this is a great time to use city transit.

The discounted passes are available now at local vendors as well as Calgary Transit Customer Service Centres. You can also use the My Fare mobile ticketing app or head to their website.

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