Gas prices dip in Calgary but you have to search for the best deal

Jul 15 2022, 5:53 pm

As expected, gas prices have come down in Calgary, with some stations bringing the cost down more than others.

Most stations are showing $1.879 or $1.899, which would be a drop of two cents. But there are a few in the city showing an eight-cent decrease.

According to Gas Buddy, four stations in Calgary have the price listed at $1.819 which would be an eight-cent drop from what we’ve seen recently in the city.

Gas Buddy

All of these locations are in the northern part of the city and three of the four are in the NW.

Gas prices have been reaching record highs across North America after Russia invaded Ukraine. This led several countries to place sanctions on Russia which have affected prices everywhere.

It has been a particularly challenging time in Alberta where we have not seen the same price drops other provinces have over the last few months.

Peter KleinPeter Klein

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