5 places to go on a "hot girl walk" in Calgary

Jul 15 2022, 9:16 pm

Let’s crown 2022 the year of the hot girl walk in Calgary.

You don’t have to fear this fitness TikTok fad – a hot girl walk is exactly what it sounds like: hot girls (gender-inclusive) going for a walk outside by themselves.

According to the self-proclaimed creator of the Hot Girl Walk™, Mia Lind, the concept is pretty simple – an outdoor walk for at least 3.2 km.

The aim? To vibe with yourself. It’s less about fitness and more about mental wellness.

If you can wear a matching athleisure set, pump up your favourite playlist, and enjoy a walk in your neighbourhood to get some fresh air, you, too, can go on a hot girl walk.

Hot Girl Walks in Calgary

1. Bowness Baker Park Loop


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A city walk that doesn’t feel like a city walk. Loop through Bowness and Baker Park for a 4-km trek that takes less than an hour. Put on some tunes, enjoy nature and clear your mind.

2. Bow River Pathway loop from George C. King Bridge to Harry Boothman Bridge

Take in some amazing city skyline views while also enjoying a river walk with this bridge-to-bridge loop. Some great vibes and if you need a break there are some spots where you can dip your feet in the water.

3. Nose Hill Park


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Many people in the city will say this has the best view of downtown. The perfect place to clear your mind. If your dog needs a hot girl sprint as well, there are off-leash areas along the way.

4. Confederation Park


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This beautiful, well-maintained park is the perfect spot to calm a busy mind. Plenty of benches, picnic areas, and natural beauty make this the perfect hot girl walk spot.

5. Stanley Park to Sandy Beach


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Walk along the Elbow River and enjoy a couple of natural beauties in the city. If you are looking for some nice city sites, there are some stunning houses along the way as well.


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