Electric bike lease service Zygg launching in Vancouver

Apr 7 2022, 6:48 pm

An active transportation mobility service that first launched in Toronto during the height of the pandemic is making its way to Vancouver this spring.

Zygg offers a weekly or monthly electric bike rental service through a subscription plan, with the use of the electric assist providing cyclists with an easier ride up slopes.

Several e-bike models will be made available for the Vancouver market, where fees will start at $49 per week for the initial trial period, and then $189 per month for personal riders. Lower monthly rates of $99 are available for a 12-month commitment, and $149 per month on a seasonal basis.

The service also has a specific plan for courier and delivery cyclists, with fees ranging between $49 to $59 per week or $129 to $169 per month, depending on the e-bike model.

Users of the service can either pick up their e-bike from Zygg’s shop or arrange a delivery to their home or business.

As well, all subscriptions include maintenance and servicing, with e-bikes swapped fixed or swapped, usually within 24 hours of a call. This includes free servicing for normal wear and tear that occurs with riding a bike.

Each e-bike comes with a two-part locking system, and both locks must be used every time for the device to be securely locked.

Various liability plans are available in case of damage or theft, which is a major problem in both Vancouver and Toronto.

“Electric bikes are exploding in popularity, for good reason. They are as easy to ride as any bicycle, but their electric assist extends the reach for everyone. E-bikes truly are a car replacement for many trips across the Lower Mainland,” said Zygg CEO co-founder Kevin McLaughlin, who previously founded other mobility companies such as Evergreen Canada, AutoShare (now known as Enterprise carshare), and Modo car co-op.

To service its second market, Zygg’s home base is located in a shop in Railtown. The company is aiming to grow to 500 e-bikes within the Vancouver market this spring.

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