Lawyer shares the three worst traffic tickets in BC to avoid (VIDEO)

Apr 28 2023, 11:44 pm

A lawyer shared the three worst traffic tickets to get in BC based on how they impact you short and long term.

Kyla Lee, a Vancouver criminal lawyer specializing in DUI and IRP, shared a video on TikTok explaining the three worst traffic tickets to get and why.

The first ticket Lee suggests is among the three worst is the excessive speeding infraction.

Lee states that excessive speeding is a “high-risk offence” with a minimum fine of $368. To make matters worse, that ticket comes with three penalty points.

“But don’t let the points fool you,” Lee adds.

“Excessive speeding is also going to attract the driver risk premium automatically, which is a $340 fine over each year for three years.”

Lee says that you end up paying for the consequences of your speeding ticket for three years after you’ve received it. No bueno.

The second ticket Lee says is among the three worst to get in BC is driving without due care and attention. It carries the same $368 fine as excessive speeding but adds six penalty points.

Lee explains that you’ll automatically have to pay the driver penalty point premium and the risk of getting a driving prohibition whether you’re a class 7 or class 5 driver.

According to Lee, the third worst traffic ticket you can get in BC is for using an electronic device while driving. That infraction carries four penalty points and another $368 fine. It’s also considered a high-risk offence and could lead to a driving prohibition in combination with other infractions.

Lee mentions that two electronic device tickets trigger a driver risk premium.

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Lee forced ICBC to make a correction when it schooled the BC insurance company about distracted driving in a recent campaign it ran.

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