Have you Heardle? There's a new version of Wordle made for music lovers

Mar 11 2022, 7:15 pm

Wordle has inspired many iterations of the viral word game. If you have a keen ear for music, this latest spin-off is for you.

A group of music lovers in the UK created Heardle, a game that takes Wordle to the next level by having you guess the song and artist based on a quick listen to its intro.

The goal is similar to Wordle, where you have to guess the song in as few tries as possible.

“Heardle was made for a small group of friends,” reads the game’s Twitter bio. “Then we somehow gained millions of players overnight.”

The website is simple, just like the word puzzle it was inspired by, with a clean black interface. However, instead of pulling a random five-letter word from the void and typing it out, you have to click play and listen to a random song’s intro.

You might just hear a single drum beat or a single note — that’s all you get. You have six chances to figure out the answer.


Thankfully, the game makes it a littler easier by letting you search for the song or artist in a search bar.

If you’re struggling, not to worry. You can skip a guess if you really aren’t sure, which will unlock more of the intro for you to listen to. Any incorrect guesses will also give you a longer listen.

According to the site, each Heardle is “semi-randomly plucked from a long list of popularly streamed artist.” So, you don’t need to have obscure music knowledge to be successful with this game!

Heardle also has a share option, but instead of just green squares, they added a personal touch with an emoji of a speaker.

#Heardle #14



Spotify has given the game a seal of approval, tweeting out their score earlier this week. Another famous fan is Quest Love, drummer for the Roots, the band that plays on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 

Another fun game to add to your daily to-do list of Wordle spin-offs!

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